Villa Guerrero Part 2

Earlier this year I did a commissioned artwork for Villa Guerrero, a small taco shop in Gangnam, Korea. You can read about it here. The owner Jung Su was so happy with the piece that he recently contacted me to redesign his English menu boards for the shops remodel, which will be featured on 수요미식회 Wednesday Food Talk, a popular Korean food review program on TVN 7-19-17.

Jung Su sent me some samples of the kind of menu boards he liked and told me he wanted them in a very traditional hand painted sign style, on wood boards, which would be hung at the shop. I'm no stranger to typography, but hand painting lettering is quite tedious and takes a good amount of patience and set up to make sure words are spaced and laid out proportionately. So this was a new challenge I had to consider, once he dropped off the signs at my house. Of course before I started I had to paint the boards white and send him some samples of the layout. My design experience had me moving from a digital grid system to a hand measured one created with painters tape. Once the layout was approved, it was a go and the painting could begin. As before, I stuck to a 3 color system of the blue and yellow from his logo along with a touch of red.
Initially I thought that once I traced the letters in, it wouldn't take too long, as it essentially became a paint by number. However, like it is with most projects, not everything is as easy as it seems. Due to the fact I was painting pure pigments onto white, it took many different layers to build the paint so that it wasn't transparent. I had to paint the lettering at least 3 times and the smaller board with the logos took a good amount of detail to keep the lines crisp in such a cramped space.
Towards the end I "cheated" a little and used paint pens to finalize some of the highlights, but this helped achieve the style he wanted on the menu boards. Once again he was extremely pleased with the result, giving me a "bonus". However, the best part was that you can see my boards up in his shop on the recently aired 수요미식회 Wednesday Food Talk episode 127 where they featured Villa Guerrero in their "살사 소스 기가 막혀!' 멕시칸도 인정한 멕시코 맛집!" (recognized Mexican food in Korea) feature.
Although the full episode is not available online yet, you can read many netizens reviews online, like the one where I found the image above. It seems as though, after being featured on this show, people are very excited to go and try the food at Villa Guerrero, as they should, because its really delicious! Sadly, my other painting is quite hard to see because its by the door, but you can see a bit of it on the right in this screen shot below. Thanks again to Jung Su for commissioning my work. I feel really proud and happy to have been included in your remodel.

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