Uneventful Events Can Still Be Eventful!….wait… huh?

I was really excited to work a newly formed monthly event called Little Tokyo Happy Hour this last week. I was able to round up some of my favorite artists to roll out with me and sell some of our work with the other vendors. 

Each of us loaded up, headed down to the heart of LA, and put together our super cool tables full of loot. I was pretty impressed with our grand display and super appreciative of each artists own creative addition to the set up. This event gave me high hopes of selling some of my fresh off the press prints along with other merch I’d picked up from my residency at Happy Six in Sawtelle.
As it turns out, we got there at what was probably way too early, and looked around at the empty room, even with all our art and merch, ready to SELL! SELL! SELL!…….too bad it was wed at 5pm. *cricket cricket….. It took awhile but EVENTUALLY and slowly people started showing up.
There were a lot of “Lookey Lou’s” with minor interest, but this venue was not really set up to sell. Most people were there just to drink and hang out with http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/blood-pressure their friends. *sigh. Oh well! As the old idiom states, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” What started out as a slow night started to stir up after we packed up, and jolted out of there! We also….. had partaken in the “happy hour” and were well set to go have fun on our own. We ended up at Mako’s Sushi in the Little Tokyo plaza. Happy to finally get some food, the boys got their katsu and I got my croquettes, along with some much needed water, hahah. Our waitress was OH so kawaii ^_^ and happily took a picture with her adoring fans.
All in all, I had a really good time hanging out with my new art friends. Chilling, shooting the breeze, taking shots of royale, and just being out on a weeknight. Even if we all wondered why it felt like 2 am at 10:30 pm hahah. Realization began to set in that we’re not those young art students we used to be. Instead, we’re officially adults, in fact, struggling artists, out in the real world. All of us, together trying to make the best of Little Tokyo Happy Hour.

Say What?