TUTORIAL: Copper Cups and Sophisticated Succulents

I had the awesome pleasure of attending a conference in Carey, North Carolina where I was able to work the rest of the LOFT visual team doing prep and set up. Part of the activities ranged from setting up podiums, dressing mannequins, putting up decals, to prepping decor. For our first night we were planning an opening reception, fireside with cocoa, smores, and loungey atmosphere. So my coworker Magda and I were set on the task of creating this adorable succulent copper mugs.

We rented these beautiful Moscow Mule, rustic copper mugs to use for pots. The florists came by and showed us the simplicity of putting them together, and I thought it might something you all would enjoy doing at home, because honestly its so easy, anyone can do it!!

The first thing you need is potting foam, it can be found at any craft or florist, and is easy to cut into small squares that are set inside the cups.

After pressing the foam in, cover with a light layer of moss.

Next, the fun part, cut short pieces of floral wire, and simply put the precut succulents on top. Think succulent lollipops! Press the stems into the foam, using about 3 to 4 different styles of plants.

And wallah! You’ve done it! Its just that easy, and the result is really sophisticated. Magda and I were both very proud of our little creations.

Perfect for brightening up any room or adding a little subtle color to any party. Needless to say the reception was a hit and our little decorations were just what the doctor ordered. Wanna try it? Post your pictures below or tag them on instagram using #sooogoodstudios

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