The Sophie Snow Concept launch went really well. A lot of people came out and were excited to see the new addition of art to the store. It was a rushed exhibition, but the artists really came through, and I was able to have a very talented and eclectic variety of works to display. Included in the show was a live body painter Supa Man and his model Jennifer Best, along with caricature artist Leftyjoe. Artwork will be up and available at the Sophie Snow Store at Plaza El Segundo through Dec 10th! Be sure to stop by and support your local artists!

Artists showing included:
Ruben Gonzales, LeftyJoe, Julie Lee, Tsai-Fi, Patrick Ballisteros, Jenikah, Christian Senn, Shaun Kutch, Jeannie Phan, Jessica Ku, and Tuan Vu Tran

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  1. Bartholomew says:

    awesome event. cool store. cool art. lots of cheese!

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