I‘ve taken it upon myself in the last year to try and get exposure on my own. My outlet is curating gallery exhibitions and have been fairly successful thus far. After my last smaller show, “Meet My Moji”, in mid March of ’09 I’m moving on to a more established location…

With high hopes for success, I’m launching
Details are as follows:

Presenting a one of a kind show entitled: SHUFFLE. Exemplifying how music and art go hand in hand, this body of work is a unique collection of creations by both local and international artists. SHUFFLE highlights how universal art and music are with its recreation of a new catalogue of album covers and music inspired pieces

 Fullerton CA | Friday, February 12th 2010 | 7:00 pm Come experience the opening reception for SHUFFLE held at the Hibbleton Gallery, one of Fullerton’s freshest hot spots for local art and culture. Located in the heart of downtown Fullerton, Hibbleton is the perfect place to start your weekend outings and experience an incredible night of art and music.
SHUFFLE showcases works by 15 extraordinary artists, in a wide range of mediums, with works set to display each piece in the format of traditional vinyl records and cd cover sizes ranging from 16” x 16”, 12” x 12”, 7” x 7”, to 5” x 5”. Each piece will be titled appropriately to the song of their choice with an image to reflect their own interpretation of how that song is seen by each artist.  
This event promises to keep your feet shuffling, the perfect pre-valentines day kickoff, anyone will be sure to love. This FREE event offers a unique space for couples and singles alike to come and enjoy good art, music, refreshments and social networking. Because this event focus’ around art and music, the collection of the work’s song titles will be compiled and spun live at the show by the dj along with other live performances at the gallery. 
SHUFFLE runs from February 12th 2010 to March 7th 2010. Artists include: Aaron Jasinski, Aaron Kraten, Aaron Little, Christopher Umana, Chrystal Chan, David Chung, Haubs, JAW Cooper, Jenikah, Julie Lee, Martine Johanna, Melissa Martyn, Tommii Lim, Tuan Vu Tran, and Wendy Peng.

If you would like more information please contact: Jenikah at or You may also visit for more details. This event is sponsored in part by Metromint water, ISM, and Megan Jade Music.

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