SHUFFLE show made its debut at Hibbleton Friday February 12th, 2019. With more than 300 people in attendance, the show was a definite success. A wide variety of visitors came out to enjoy the original artworks and live entertainment. Megan Jade stole the show for a short while with her beautiful vocal stylings and musical accompaniment by Tony and Adam. We also had people dancing to DJ H.Breaker, with a wide variety of music, art, and refreshments, people just wouldn’t go home! It was so great to meet many of the artists with whom I had only spoken to through email. There seemed to be a very positive reaction to the work itself as well as the overall turnout for the show. Thanks again to all the artists who participated, my live entertainers, and of course everyone who came out to Hibbleton!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    you look soooooo pretty in that picture!! Is the gallery open during the day? I want to go by on the 20th when I'm there having breakfast with Stacy and lunch with Alex…if you're not working it would be cool to see you.

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