Seoul Drum Festival 2017 at 경희궁 Kyeonghuigung Palace in Seoul

Sometimes I wonder if I still lived in Los Angeles if I would take advantage of as many of the free things offered as I do here in Seoul. There's just so many fun, free, amazing things to do here. I mean, how often does one get to see an amazing concert on the steps of an ancient palace gate?

However, Seoul makes it so much easier to attend events. Without having to worry about driving and parking, its not just the ease of transportation, but also the appeal of the events as well. This year, I was invited by the Seoul Global Mates to be part of the press for the 2017 Seoul Drum Festival. I was able to arrive early, get my press pass, and check out everything at the drum fair + market as well as get front row viewing to the show.
Because I had arrived early, I was able to see most of the performing acts warm up, but nothing compared to the actual show itself. The night started off with a local program of drum students performing individually, who were later awarded and given recognition. Even these youth amateur performances were quite impressive, with ages ranging from grade school to high school. The young kids were adorable and surprisingly really knew how to put on a good show.
After that came the main performance, with artists from both Korea and abroad. Truthfully, I had low expectations as I've never been to this type of event before. However, I was blown away by each performance, one after the other better than the first. For me, the true show stealers were Miso Kim, who rocked the stage in all her glorious girl power using a more traditional approach to drum playing mixed with modern music, and Milos Meier, a Czech Republic-born drummer who is a true metal head; he completely stole the show with his incredible drum skills and unstoppable energy. Also appearing was Luke Holland & Jason Richardson who I was able to get an artist exclusive with prior to the show, (you can see them in the video above). Robert Searight was one of the more mellow acts, but like everyone else brought his own style and pizazz to the stage, followed by Yang Hee Seung (feat. OAiii + oAiii) who had a dj drum duo that closed out the night with an amazing video light show and upbeat music.
I can happily say that despite some light rain, and a show running a bit behind, this was worth coming out to, and it was completely free! In true Korean fashion, the staff provided cushions, rain coats, and water to all attendees, something you would never receive gratis in LA! Please take a min to watch my video, leave a comment and a like. If you get the opportunity to attend next year, I suggest you do. This is a two day festival and everyone who went had an amazing time. For more information you can visit Until next year, rock on!

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