Same Subject Different Style

As I explore deeper into this magical world of subtle gradients I find myself exploring broadly across the scale. I see things I want to try within a variety of styles  for different objects. As I experiment with type and color pallets I find that each new design has a wider span of variations. Although it may seem to give too many options causing trouble for client’s to narrow down their choices, it may also open a door to the perfect solution to the problem.
For each option I tried utilizing what I’m learning with a different application. The first one I tried was a soft breezy tropical pallet and effect. I used more pastel colors and a light bouncy font.
After that I went to a more “bling bling” style, sharper contrast with more depth and content.

Following this one was my last attempt where I tried to revert back to a more classic style, I really pulled into the darker color pallet and an asymmetrical text treatment.

Say What?