Repeat Clients are the Best Clients!

Last year I was referred by a friend to do a logo for a hotel chain in California (read more here). It was awesome working with them and fortunately they enjoyed it enough to ask me to do more work since.

They decided to expand the merchandise in their gift shop and asked me to do a couple t shirt designs. The first is a preexisting logo they had had designed years back by someone else, and needed an “updated” version of. It features a surfer in the sun with their name around it.

The second is a simple logo based tee that is a nostalgic reference to their antique sign. They wanted the design to use the same style Gothic font for each of their hotels.

My first step was to select a variety of gothic fonts and layouts for them to choose from.

Next, we went through color variations on differing t shirt colors.

They finally settled on a classic grey/white combo and I think it looks nice and classic. Lucky for me, it has already been extremely popular and they are now talking about expanding their collection with other t shirts. ¬†So if you’re ever in Santa Monica or San Francisco, make sure you stop by The Hotel California!

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