Raising the Grade

My 8 year old niece is wildly brilliant, probably smarter than myself, has just been accepted into the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program at her school. I never knew grade school could be so challenging, but as such, she is set off right away with a series of projects, one of which is to start her own business. Her independent project is to create and sell t-shirts that will help raise money for her school, Jefferson Elementary. Being a proud resident of Santa Ana, she chose to do tees http://www.buyambienmed.com representing her pride and love for the city. Of course being the wonderfully talented and generous aunt that I am, I offered up my design skills to help her come up with the images. She wanted one in English and one in Spanish, being a bilingual multi-ethnic young lady. 


These shirts are offered in a variety of colors and sizes,(youth and adult) and should you be interested in purchasing one (for a good cause!) feel free to contact me via email: jenikah@sooogood.com

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  1. Mike Hall says:

    She is definitely smarter than you…

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