A Pin for Every Season

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of doing some freelance work for the local city nonprofit Orange County Great Park. It’s been my first time working with the city, getting a local business license, and learning the meaning of revisions….lots and lots of revisions.
So the project was presented as anniversary pins, each in the shape of the park’s iconic orange hot air balloon. Inside each pin, is a representation of a season as well as something significant to the park. I was given this photo to use as inspiration, of painted globes that had a similiar series.
The beauty and difficulty of these pins were in refining and simplifying each of the designs, as well as finding the right color scheme. With so many options, for pin metals, color resin, and seasonal tons, we spent most of our time going back on forth trying to make them look different, but succinct as a series.
Finally we nailed http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/alcoholism/ down our four seasons. Spring is shown in warm tones, and a soccer ball to represent the athletic portion of the park. Summer is hotter, with a bi-plane for the historical aspect of the park. Fall, has the jack o lantern face that they add to the balloon each year. Winter is cool, looking like an ornament, or confetti, in honor of each year’s end of the year celebration.
I just got my first peek at the first two pins that have been printed, and I think they look great! I can’t wait to see them all together as I love creating packaged pieces or series. In the end I think the colors, style, and content completed exactly what we set out to do. Although there was a lot of back and forth, I really enjoyed this project and hope to be able to work with OCGP again!

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