Often Imitated But Never Duplicated

Charles Caleb Colton once coined the phrase: 
“Imitation is the best form of flattery”. 
Whether or not this is true, I found out today that I was subject to such “flattery” when my boss stumbled upon a competitor’s knockoff of one of my original designs! 
I’ve never had this happen to me before and I find it completely hilarious. I did this design for a serious of UV Nail lamps that we sell, each box with a similar design but alternate color scheme. 

Our most popular item is our Ikonna UV-36 Nail Lamp. Apparently a company called TonyNails has tried to come up with its own version called the “Ionica”. Clever! 

Its interesting to me as a designer, the ways in which they replicated my design almost verbatim, and the ways in which they either thought they could make it different enough, or wanted it to be different. Its a real hit or miss item, but close enough to fool some of our customers I guess!

Its also a huge plus in the fact that my bosses are extremely satisfied with my work! My direct boss said “No one ever shows this product with the box, that’s how recognizable and good your designs are! They think they can fool our customer’s because they just look for the design without reading the box!” (I guess it also says something about our customers… hahaha). I guess I’ll end this segment by saying, with flare and a ghetto head shake and finger snap,  
“I am often imitated but never duplicated!! MmmmHmmm!”

Say What?