North Park Artwalk, and Anniversary Fun

This last weekend the boy and I traversed down to San Diego to celebrate our one year anniversary, check out the local art scene, do a little sight seeing, and see what other kinds of trouble we could run into. Once there, we stumbled upon Old Town San Diego. It was almost like a small amusement park in its decor, with very stylized signs, stores, exhibits, and costumed workers.
While walking around, I had to note that the typography on the signs, was phenomenal. I loved the retro styling of these decorative fonts, embellished with flourishes and accent colors. Like I always say, even the most mundane things can be exciting with the correct font choices. Needless to say I was typographically satisfied.
Every city has its own way of representing itself and San Diego definitely has its foot in the art scene. There were interesting paintings and murals along the sides of businesses and buildings. As well, we happened to be there on just the right weekend and hit the farmer’s market, and the Ray at Night Artwalk. It was an interesting event with many artist, small businesses, street performers, and more, all involved, along with the Art Academy of San Diego.

We saw some really unique works from drawings, to paintings, to sculptures, to photos, to well, ones painted by boobs for boobs! A truly interesting technique but for a good cause ^_^

We really enjoyed the north park area and recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of subculture outside of the downtown area. There were a lot of really well designed concept restaurants mixed in with barber shops and thrift stores, oh! and one of the sexiest laundromats I’ve ever beheld! My visual merchandising kicked in, while I enjoyed some of the window displays and off beat artwork on the walls of different stores. Including of course, So Good!!! Although it was a jewelry store, I felt camaraderie! It was a successful night and I would definitely go back to this art walk, occurring on the 2nd sat of each month.  

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Maybe not your typical romantic anniversary weekend, but we had a blast seeing the sights and getting away from our natural surroundings. We really enjoyed our weekend down south, maybe it will become an annual tradition. Who knows!

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