A friend of mine discovered this great little site called They make these great little “mini-cards” and have now expanded to stickers. The coolest part is that you can however many different versions on the front of your cards that you want. Which are great for photographers, artists, and the like. You can buy little cases for them, which are handy because they’re super portable.

I’ve spent the last few years freaking out over the idea of branding myself. Trying to come up with that one thing that best reflected who I am as an artist and designer, well, its nerve wracking. After realizing, “Hello! you’re over thinking things!”, I finally just went with my basic instincts. See it how you will, but I will forever love the 4 roots of good print, that of course being Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK

Instead of trying to again, jinx myself, and over think which designs I should include, I went the way of type. I chose cute little quips and phrases, some found, some made up. Each card has its own color and text with things like “Graphic Design is the New Pink”, “Will Design for Food”, and “I Illustrate”, to name a few. 

Because I got such a great deal, I went ahead and ordered some stickers too that I put on my prints. I added a little more freedom to the type I chose for these and tried a bunch of different combinations. 

I was super excited when they arrived in the mail! The way they are packaged and sent are really cute and made me feel like I’m finally a legitimate designer! Its nice having a little something to pass out to people or have something people can grab when they’re at a vendor event. I’ve had a very positive response to them and I guess the lesson here is, stop thinking. Wait…. no, just go for it! Sometimes what you least expect will be exactly what you wanted all along.

Say What?