Styles in Android share a similar philosophy to cascading stylesheets in web design—they allow you to separate the design from the content. For example, you can use the Dialog theme and make your activity appear like a dialog box:. Requires android application theme download custom ROM with interfacer installed!
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When you do so, every View within the activity or app applies each attribute that it supports. We recommend that you set your themes in you Android manifest, as described above, because it's simple and keeps your program code focused on application functionality, rather than style. For android application theme download, here is the declaration for a custom theme. For example, you can inherit the Android platform's default text appearance and modify it:. For example, to view the widget styles available in the support-v7 package, android application theme download, see the R. The following list of special types are unique to style attributes:. Joined - wait 1s - no longer access.