Loft Loves Literature

Sometimes its fun when I get an added assignment at work, especially when its something related to design. LOFT is currently doing a collaboration with 3 magazines, Glamour, Lucky, and Self, in a hope to get more promotion and host special events. Unfortunately clients are not as thrilled to buy subscriptions to the printed word, as we would have hoped. Because of this, we were given a large push goal of 90 magazines in a month, so I was asked to design a tracking poster for sales of subscriptions. 

 I decided to use the spring color story and depict a bright image highlighting sales techniques. I incorporated a floral print not uncommon to loft along with a slightly updated version of the “thermometer” counter. 


I was very proud of myself coming up with tag lines for sales techniques using the initials GLS from the magazine titles. (its harder than it seems!) Hopefully we’ll be able to fill in the stack of magazines on the left and be up to our “booties” in subscriptions! 


  1. Matt Nolan says:

    I like how well you handle hierarchies with your colors. Its subtle yet subliminal and overall looks very professional and well thought out

  2. Brooks Golden says:


Say What?