Keep you on your toes, or fingers!

I’ve been doing a few interviews in the last couple weeks, seeing what new options are available to me as positions are beginning to open up. I’ve always felt that the interview process is an interesting one, as there is no standard way to be interviewed and its often surprising the things you’ll be asked or asked to do. 

As a designer it is not uncommon to receive a small “test” project as part of the process. However, some companies have more laborious projects (one gave me 3 hours of work to do for an interview?) and some are a bit more reasonable. I do find this challenge to be a lot of fun though as each company has its own take on what their product is and how it should look. 

The last “test” I had to take was a take home assignment to design packaging for a press on nail product aimed at young girls. I was given total liberty and came up with this design.

I decided to do a “French” take on these press on nails, designing a box with a di-cut illustration window showcasing the nails with a little Eiffel tower on each of them.

Who knows where any of this will lead, but it was a fun challenge nonetheless to try something new and see what happens!

Say What?