Invitation to Design

One of the hardest things for me planning my upcoming wedding reception was figuring out how to design the whole thing. There’s so many beautiful pre-printed designs available these days that itd be easy to head to Michael’s and just buy a box set, add some names and send them out. However, being a designer, I felt it was my duty to do something original because the options are limitless.

Originally I had wanted these ornate embossed post cards, but after looking into pricing (eek!!!) I opted for something a little more budget friendly. I knew I wanted to send postcards at 5×7″, something simple and functional but beautiful. A long time ago while browsing tumblrs I found this image with this little quote that I felt would be perfect for us.
I wanted to use this to make a strong typographical statement, something beautiful that we could frame and cherish forever. I messed around with a few different typefaces and ended up utilizing two new fonts I found, Quaver and Lavanderia. Every once in a while an awesome group of designers will get together and hand out some really nice type to be used on personal projects, so I couldn’t help but take advantage. (Get them here: Lost Type)
For the back, I used the same fonts and added an image, both sides using our colors in different ways. (Photo by Irene)
Since our colors are yellow, blue, and red, I just could not decide on one color envelope! So I ended up buying all 3 colors and randomly addressing each color.
When I went to the post office to get postage, I knew they often offered “wedding” stamps and the man working showed me the typical bells, doves, and bouquet. Then, just by chance he also showed me these awesome “LOVE” stamps designed by Louise Fili and Jessica Hische, and I knew I had to get them! I ended up buying enough for these invitations and then everything else they had in stock! (Forever stamps don’t lose value, score!)

Now the next part is probably my favorite part of the invitation and that is the address wrap label. I contacted my friend Wendy Peng to help me out since she is a designer extraordinaire! (See my post about her designs here)

She had sent out Christmas cards last year that I really loved, and hoped she could help me make something just as beautiful, and she did! 

She typeset all my address labels on a beautiful lemony colored paper. They were set on strips and cut with a curved corner punch. We measured them out so that the back of the address label would line up in the center of the envelope, leaving the right amount of space for the envelope seals I had designed with our logo.
Even though I sent these out really late, I’ve received rave reviews for these invitations, and I’m happy people like them after all the work I put into them. I do have to say having designed them myself, the cost was actually really low as I only spent $55 on printing, $50 for envelopes, and $36 for postage.
Do you need invitations designed? Hit me up!

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