Here Comes the Bride….

I am one of those rare people who really doesn’t enjoy most traditional celebratory events. I try not to attend baby showers, family parties, infant baptisms, or weddings…. as much as possible. However, if you find me in attendance its because I truly am there to support you, and let you know how happy I am for you, despite my general lack of appreciation for these traditional events. 
One such event I recently attended was the wedding of one of my co-workers. She dated her, now husband, David, for over 5 years. It took them both a lot of time, energy, and effort, in order to create what they hope to be a lasting relationship that is truly meaningful. Having not attended a wedding in some time, I can honestly say this quaint and beautiful wedding was perfect for her. Also, I have NEVER seen a more BEAUTIFUL bride in my life……EVER
Another very cool thing was that I was asked to do a painting for the reception hall to cover an unsightly drum set on stage. I was given the bride’s colors and a large canvas and some minimal instructions. Using their theme of “love birds” I replicated the imagery on the invitation along with the special couple’s name/date. The Aquino’s were extremely grateful, which always makes something like this worthwhile.
Despite my disdain for such events, I was really flattered to have been invited and allowed to participate in the couple’s special day. It was a joyous moment that I know Mallory will never forget!


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