Gryphon Design Collective

I was contacted earlier this year via my Coroflot profile about a new startup company called Gryphon Design Collective. I’m usually a little wary about these things, as many of them are unreliable or pipe dreams, but after reading through the info I felt like this seemed like a pretty cool concept and something I’d like to participate in.
“Gryphon Design Collective empowers and promotes Global design talent through a unique online gallery, community network and web retail platform.”
I love the idea of quality, sustainable, retail items being made, offered online, that feature their designers while offering exposure.
Many times I see a product I like, but have no idea who the artist is behind it or where to see more of their work, so this a great way to network with other artists while gaining exposure and sharing my artwork. While they are still in the baby stages of development, it has been fun being a part of the process. They recently went to present the idea to investors, and I got to see a preview of some of the items they’ll be producing! The main focus are printed cards, notebooks, and customizable children’s books, with the possibility for apparel later on.
I’m really excited to get my hands on some of the samples, and be able to offer them to you guys! I think that Gryphon is going to be really successful and I’m excited to see where it takes us. There are a lot of really talented artists in this group and what we’re offering is somewhat unique and useful. Michelle, the founder of Gryphon, sent me a letter in my very own card stock, I’m definitely impressed!

So keep your eye out for Gryphon! Hopefully we’ll get the investors we need and be able to launch very, very soon!


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