My First Hawaiin Art Walk in Lahaina

I was really excited when I received an invitation from an old roommate letting me know she was getting married… in Hawaii! I think a lot of people have “destination” weddings knowing not many people will come, but there was no way I was gonna miss this. Of course, the wedding was the main reason for going, but since it was Hawaii, I went with Matt and my friend Chelsea, and we wanted to see the sights.
 When I first started doing research on what there is to do in Maui, one of the first things that popped up was an art walk in the old town area of Lahaina where we were staying. I was really excited, as going to local art walks is one of my favorite things. I think a lot of people don’t know that their community has an art scene, and miss out on seeing new undiscovered artists.
The art walk in hawaii was very different from many of the art walks I’ve been to in California. The art walk was mostly done by large established galleries, not as much local small art communes. The galleries hosted a variety of local and international artists, ranging in mediums and styles.
The first gallery we went into was small and new, with a host of great art, but not very friendly to those “browsing”. We looked around a bit, but were quickly turned off by the rudeness of the desk help and decided to move on.
The next gallery we went to however, was awesome! They were having a Murakami exhibit, which was our initial draw. But once we got inside, we discovered some other really amazing artists. I also discovered that Matt loves art deco and says he would spend all day making it if he could… I hope he tries it some time this year!
Artwork by Erte
Artwork by Felix Mas
Artwork by Robert Deyber
My favorite discovery of the night was a French artist by the name of Philippe Bertho who utilized Tromp l’oeil, (“to fool the eye”) a technique used to create the illusion of a 3rd dimension on a flat surface.
Bertho works are really detailed, large, graphic, and totally interesting. These paintings use line, shape, space, and scale to really amplify his concepts. Each work seems says something about brand names, or commercial industry, I’m not really sure of what they’re trying to say, but it makes you think. Overall the paintings feel very light and offer a lot of movement. I was so excited about his work, that the curator at the Martin Lawrence gallery gave us a sneak peak at his new work, as well as graciously gave me a copy of his book.
After this we traveled on to some other galleries where they had live painting and live music. At one gallery, I found out that Chelsea really likes large floral pieces and abstract works.
Artwork by Bill Mack
We even discovered a fellow California artist who makes his artwork on pieces of the original Hollywood sign, leaving the rivet holes in the metal canvases. An interesting concept or gimmick? All in all though, the art walk provided us with a huge variety of artwork from people all around the world, even if we had to travel Maui to see it.
Also, congratulations to Esther and Peter Villani on a beautiful wedding. It was an honor to have been invited and participate in your special day 🙂

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