Gossip Girls

So after procrastinating for some time I finally finished my piece for the show American Nostalgia that opened last night at the Muckenthaler Museum in Fullerton. The hardest part was coming up with my idea. But after much deliberation came up with a simple concept that I could execute in a short period of time. My description went like this:

“This piece plays off the idea of how American culture has not changed so much but the formats with which we do the same things, have. This piece is titled “Daily Gossip” featuring 2 girls who are reading the gossip columns in a digital format instead of holding a magazine, perhaps like the ones that Rockwell illustrated covers for. This http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ contemporary rendition is my take on satire mixed with a sense of nostalgia.” 

 Originally I thought about doing this in colored pencil, but decided doing my flat acrylic style would be more successful.

 I thought it would be clever to add this little apple sticker on the back to resemble the ipad. No one can see it, but I know its there hahah.

The final piece was pretty well received, and well with such little time to work on it, I was happy with it as well. 

I would love to have seen how Rockwell depicted this modern era of technology and fashion with his classic Americana illustration style but know that his work, regardless, is timeless…

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