Featured Profile on Coroflot!

One of my favorite artist profile sites is Coroflot. It features a variety of works in a wide range of artistic fields, showcasing top quality work, and actually holds on to creative integrity. I truly appreciate the way this site is set up and the network it has created. In the last 3 months about 80% of my job interviews have been as a result of people viewing my work on this site. I first joined in Oct of 2009 and finally, today, my work has reached a pinnacle of sorts as my work is one of the featured profiles in the member gallery! This is where the top works in each related category are showcased for other artists and professionals to ooh and ahhh!

The featured work is one I did based off an acquaintance of mine named Theresa Fulton. A brainy blonde who actually has a degree in mathematics, physics and astronomy, is also blessed by God with outrageous good looks! I couldn’t help but want to do a work based off a photograph taken of her by Marla Verdugo (www.marlaverdugo.com).

I was really attracted to the mood and sense that was captured in her gaze; somewhat deadened but deeply intense at the same time. I started out with a basic line structure, done in Adobe Illustrator, capturing the essence of her without all the distracting background elements but just keeping the major details.

From there I pulled the vector into Adobe Photoshop where I added the background texture, text, details, and played with the coloring and alternate effects. I am truly happy with the end result as was the model! Its truly exciting when you accomplish something better than what you anticipated in creating in the first place, and well, its always nice to get a bit of recognition after hitting a few rough spots.

And for those of you who are curious, the type is a song that talks about how the wind blows through the world and how every living thing learns the providence of the universe as the wind passes by…Which is why I titled this piece “Wind’s Song”.

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