Exploring the Green Line in Daegu PART 2

Previously I posted about my trip to Daegu, where I decided to explore the Green Line. You can read part 1, here. Now on to part 2!

계명대학교 Kiemyung University

Next I headed towards Munyang on the green line where I got off at the famous Kiemyung University. This school is well known as a filming site for many popular Korean dramas like Love Rain and Boys Over Flowers, as well as other movies and commercials. This school has an enormous campus, and is extremely curated and pristine in its presentation. The style of the school is reflective of Harvard University with many Roman columns and brick buildings; it has an ivy league feeling.

Line 2 Kiemyung Station Exit 1 | Main Entrance

한학촌 Hanok Village

Perhaps one of the school’s most notable locations is the hanok village located at the south side of the school. This location, while similar to that at Yeungnam University, feels much less original and historical. It is not in the wilderness, and the stream and pond that surround it are man-made. This however, does not detract from its beauty and contribution to Korean cultural history.

Although the stream wasn’t running and parts of the village were closed for the summer, the grounds were still really wonderful to see. I loved that at the bottom of the stream there was a small koi pond with various sized koi fish. Also, in the large pond, you can see many things from the pavilion that overlooks the water.

Many Mini Monuments

Walking the grounds is a favorite activity for students and visitors alike. All throughout the campus you can find various sculptures placed among the many grass lawns. I can imagine the conversations that have been had on these lush, grassy spaces. One rumor has it that if you don’t get significant other by the end of your sophomore year, you will not have a relationship for the rest of your time at college.

As an art student myself I appreciated the variety of pieces, and this helped lead me over towards the school’s art center.


계명아트센터 The Iconic Art Center

Keimyung Art Center is a well known performing arts center that contributes to the social and cultural life of not just Keimyung University but of Daegu itself.

Keimyung Art Center located by the East Gate

Final Comparisons

Like other university areas in Korea, each presents its own interest points. Some of the school life and atmosphere I was unable to view as school was out of session. However, I left having an enjoyable time at both locations. Yeungnam is farther out of the city, a bit older, but had so many fun things to see and experience. Keimyung is newer, bigger, and a really impressive place to visit. I can’t say for sure which location I liked better, so I guess you will just have to visit and decide for yourself!  

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