Dotting I’s and Crossing Tees

I recently had a request to do some tee shirt designs for the owner of a women’s apartment complex called Kensington Manor Apts, at an university in Idaho. They wanted something that they could pass out on campus to market the units and let people know its close to campus, affordable, and a great living option. He wanted something collegiate, straight forward, and semi-unisex. He also wanted it to include their tag line, “Already Home” because its so close to the campus. I came up with several options for him, and below are my final picks, with a few comps.
Its always fun to work on something that’s limitless within small restrictions, in a way, because it allows you a lot of freedom artistically and typographically, and gives your client a lot of options. Once he narrows down his selection, I’ll be able to make final edits before he begins to pass them out on campus.

Say What?