Discover Seoul Pass

Part of being a designer is learning new tools. Although this isn't always easy, it comes with the territory. In the past I have lent most of my skills towards flat graphics, so moving into video editing is quite new to me, and the results while satisfying are still quite amateur.

I had the opportunity recently to use the Discover Seoul Pass, a 24 hour pass to over 20 important cultural and entertainment opportunities all over Seoul. In collaboration with my Global Seoul Mate team, we visited various locations all over Seoul and compiled photos and videos to share about our experience. The first place I visited was the Coreana Cosmetics Museum in Gangnam. Visit Korea describes it saying, "The Coreana Art & Culture Complex is the largest museum in Korea exclusively for cosmetics and was created to preserve and promote beauty items and the make-up culture of Korea." I decided to come here because of my interest in cosmetics as well as knowing that maybe others would not visit this location. The museum host was excited that we came to visit and gave me a short introduction which you can see in the video. It was interesting to see the beauty collection of Coreana's CEO from all around the world. This collection also included Korean beauty artifacts from hundreds of years ago. It also included a room to take fun photos as well as a place to smell some of the unique scents included in their products.
Next place I stopped by with the Discovery Seoul Pass was the Figure Museum W in Gangnam. This place is very popular for people who are fans of comics and manga. Here you can see larger than life figurines of your favorite super heroes as well as an extensive collection of smaller characters as well. The collection includes anime characters, marvel comic characters, and blockbuster film characters. You can come view the collection and take photos, as well as shop their figurine gift shop or visit their cafe downstairs.
The last place on my small Gangnam tour was the Simone Handbag Museum in Garusogil. If you are a fashion fanatic like myself, then you will be able to appreciate this small curated collection. Located above the Karl Lagerfeld pop up shop, there's more to this building than meets the eye. The museum which is located on the 3 and 4 floors house some of the most beautiful handbags from all of fashion history. Although this is a small collection, the displays are quite eye catching with some truly rare and unique bags. Down below is the museum's gift shop which sells authentic leather handbags and with the Discover Seoul Pass you will receive a free leather souvenir. If you go down to the basement you can go to the cafe or look at their textile collections where you can order custom items. All in all, worth visiting if you love handbags!
Even though I did not make it to many of the locations included on the Discover Seoul Pass, I think that this pass is worth the price. Depending on what part of Seoul you are in, you can see so many places for a fraction of the cost. Especially if you enjoy Kpop or Cultural sites like the many palaces. Please watch my video which includes visits to some of the other locations by my teammates. If you are visiting Seoul soon and are interested in getting a pass, visit.

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