How to Have a Designerly New Years: 2013

Its always a struggle to figure out what to do for the new years. While its fun to go out, its expensive, and crowded, and takes a lot of time and energy, but staying home just doesn’t seem to do justice for the¬† new year. This year, we found the perfect medium, when we were invited to my friend Wendy’s house for the new year.
Wendy Peng and I are old college pals, fellow CSUF alums, who spent our years studying design, and having late nights typesetting sessions of printing, cutting, gluing, and drinking coffee. Wendy has always exceeded me in design, and her prowess comes so naturally its almost unfair. Last year we went to her Christmas party, which was really fun, and so I knew this year wouldn’t be any less fun.
The event was “black tie” and it was fancy cocktail style, even her dog Munch had on his best attire! All over the house, Wendy made little new year tags. They were typeset on a thick textured paper, so creative but easy to do, with a tremendous outcome! Every room had its own little sign to discover.
The first was of course the bathroom. No lock, means you gotta knock! Inside, she was totally prepared for the new year kissing, with a little jar of Stila brand lip candies for the ladies.
Out in the living area was a tribute to the greats who passed this year, including the twinkie of course! Out with the old and in with the new!
Next to this was her novel rendition of new years resolutions. Write your aspirations, and she will mail back to you in 6 months. Talk about accountability!
Onto the living room, there was a DIY midnight noise maker shaker station. Take a TP roll, add some glitz, and fill it with, weath, insight, or health (aka beans!)
The other great thing than just the obvious time and planning for each of these cute little stations, were of course the fashionable guests in attendance. There were some truly inspired looks and some well designed gifts!
Wendy’s friend Becky brought homemade cider, with adorable hand crafted labels on both sides with very clever instructions!
Of course the main event of it all is midnight! Ringing in the new year with hugs, kissing, shouts, and toasts! Wendy and Sean put together a champagne tower that….sorta worked, mostly spilled, but most of all, got the job done, hahaha.
Overall the night was a huge success, we had a ton of fun, caught up with school colleagues and brought in the new year with a bang. This party inspired me to be more creative in the upcoming year. Design is so easy to do when you know what you’re doing, have the right supplies, and the proper inspiration!

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