Going Into Depeche Mode

Last year my brother commissioned some art works to give to a few of his friends for Christmas. One of them was his good friend Alex, who just happens to be the tour account manager for Depeche Mode. This in and of itself, was a pretty cool gig that just happened to turn into something even better. The great thing was that he loved the project so much, he reached out to me about doing another illustration, but this time for Depeche.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not a fanatic, but I know who they are and their legacy and prestige; so I was truly honored to be referred to this project. I guess they were expanding some of their merch and had decided to add a deck of playing cards, and as an added bonus inside joke, the joker was to be no other than Jonathan Kessler, the band’s manager. It was supposed to be a sort of easter egg for the uber fans, who know what an important role Jonathan Kessler has played for the band.
Alex sent me a few reference image, but as it can often be, it was really hard to capture someone who’s face I’ve never seen in real life. However, after sending Alex the initial comp, he was totally thrilled! *phew, and yay, success!
I chose to keep the joker traditional and used the basic “bicycle” color scheme. I chose to keep the illustration half realistic and half whimsical using fine lines and thick color placement. I was very happy with the final result, and even more ecstatic today when the cards physically arrived!
I love how the colors worked perfectly with the deck and still holds the integrity of DM branding which was designed and photographed by renowned, Anton Corbijn.
I feel grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something that I truly hope will make people smile when they open it. Hope you enjoyed the post and if you’re interested in commissioning a portrait or illustration of your own, please contact me at jenikah@sooogoodstudios.com!


  1. Pablo says:

    Where can we get this, I saw they were being sold at Staples Center in Los Angeles last week during the three Depeche Mode concerts but the vendors ran out of these.

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