Creating an Online Presence in 2010 (Promotion Yo!)

Moving on to new entrepreneurial ventures. I have just posted my first piece in my new etsy shop! haha. I love the site, dunno how much traffic I’ll get but my stuff is out there! Check it out at

Alternatively I have also been actively updating my coroflot profile/resume since its an online community for artists alike. It has a great set up and is user friendly. Also it gives creatives a way to share their work with one another. Sort of like the classroom experience of a critique but at a more professional level. I have more followers on there than on here haha. Where’s the love yo? Check it out at

Also, dropped off prints at PopMonster , they’re available for sale for anyone who missed them at the show! Located at 24416 Crenshaw Blvd #3 Torrance CA 90505 | 310-325-8686

Now that I’ve recouped from the Shuffle show, I’m now trying to decide on what my next big project should be. Any suggestions???

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