Coroflot Feature Squared

I am a huge fan of the art site Coroflot, and have my own personal online portfolio at this site only. The setup//functionality of this site is exactly what I wanted when looking for an online portfolio site. The design is simple, the site is navigational, and it has great foot traffic. I’ve gotten impressive responses to my work, job interviews, and freelance project offers from this site; I truly recommend it! 
One of the other great things is that they feature certain artists on a regular basis, and competition is stiff! Yesterday I was home sick all day, laying in bed, wasting away…until I finally got up and checked my email. What a pleasant surprise to receive this message:
Dear Jenikah Joy,
One of your projects has just been featured in the Coroflot Member Gallery! Everyday thousands of new images get uploaded to Coroflot, and only a handful are featured, so it’s kind of a big deal. Keep the great work coming!”
Needless to say I was extremely happy and honored to have been selected! Then as I clicked next, I saw this second email!
“Dear Jenikah Joy,
Your portfolio has just been added to the Coroflot Featured Pool!

Every week we select a dozen or so of the site’s strongest portfolios to add to the pool. Our choices represent the most exciting work on Coroflot, and are featured on the front page of the Portfolios section for a whole week — and yours is one of them. We try to keep membership in the pool limited to the top 2% of the Coroflot population — so you are in good company. Tell your friends and keep the great work coming – we are happy to have you here!”

So thank you Coroflot for recognizing my work, and selecting me out of a huge group of awesome other creatives and showcasing my portfolio and picking my work to be featured! As great as it is to have fans enjoy your work, its always exceptionally gratifying when its by your professional peers. To see more of my work online, visit my online portfolio at

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