TUTORIAL: Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

For my bridal shower I wanted to create these super cute tea bag cookies, which I had seen online, as a party favor for my guests. I saw these cookies a few different times, and thought about how amazing they would be. The cookies are listed to be made with shortbread dipped in chocolate.

(Photo by Emmalinebride)
 (photo by notquitenigella)
(photo by MunchinMunchies)

There were however, a couple problems with this. One, I am not a cook, baker, or culinary expert of any kind. I do not know how to make shortbread…so I decided to opt for sugar cookies. The other problem is, with all the plans and prep, I ran out of time and because I waited so long, I didn’t have time to make the cookie dough from scratch…which as it turns out is necessary. I had bought Pillsbury pre-made sugar cookie dough. If I just wanted round cookies, this would have been fine, but the dough was so soft and flimsy, after baking the first batch I quickly realized, it didn’t hold its shape. :'( If I wanted to try my luck at something, I probably http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/diabetes/ should have just played FoxyBingo while eating some one else’s cookies that are already made!

Despite this minor mishap, I decided, screw it! I can still do this! and continued on to make a completely different version of this cookie. I went ahead and cut the rest of the dough, baked the cookies and continued on by melting the dark chocolate chips with a little olive oil to help soften them.

After laying out some wax paper, I dipped the cookies in the chocolate and then decided to get a little more creative and used a chopstick to drizzle the chocolate all over. (What can I say, I get inventive when I bake!)

As a last touch, I had some candy canes which my friend Chelsea so graciously crushed for me and then helped to sprinkle on top.

I kinda hate to admit to being a “failure” but this was my first try and while, in the end, they didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, they were still cute and delicious!

 Just ask Matt 😉


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