One of the best things about dating another designer is getting to bounce ideas off one another. Often times I’ll send Matt ideas for things I’m working on, and he’ll send me projects he’s working on and we’ll get one another’s take on things. Recently Matt has been doing some extra freelance work for his boss’s eccentric million dollar ideas.
His latest endeavor is a Subway//Chipotle model for salads. The restaurant located in Costa Mesa is going to have create your own salad bowls of regular salads, rice bowls, and other types of things. So with this in mind his boss decided to amply name the restaurant “Bowls”.
Of course this springs to mind 100 different ways in which to come up with a logo because of all the nuances of the content to the text. I started coming up with thumbnails and like every logo I start with a list of text which I think might be suitable for this logo.
From there I pull the few I like the best, and begin to formulate some ideas for logo marks, icon integration, and text layout. Matt wanted to use green and orange as his root colors, because of the nature of the restaurant, both colors which I thought were quite fitting.


After finding a few logos that I thought might work, I rendered them in various colors and layouts for options. This was the one I liked the most:
In the end, Matt chose a simple text layout for the sign above the restaurant, and a full logo mark to be used on the walls in the interior. Although he did not take from my logo ideas altogether, we were able to bounce ideas back and forth until he figured out his final composition.
But tell the truth, seriously, who’s do you like better???? (mine, right?? ­čśë

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