Blast from the Past

In my recent attempts to return to drawing traditionally I really had to dig deep to turn my mind from design back to hand drawn artwork. It really is a different part of the brain that’s accessed for art, and to restart my systems I revisited all my sketchbooks from the last few years. I found a good amount of things I remembered and even some I didn’t!

I found this sketch and thought to myself, well that’s quite nice, (but I really do not remember drawing it), haha. Funny how the memory fades, but glad the drawing didn’t!

One of my favorite things to sketch are my girls. Every sketchbook I own has them, and I found a good variety of them to compile together.

My other favorite that I never fail to have are eyes upon eyes upon eyes in my sketchbooks.

In the end, it was a good refresh for me to see what I’ve done in the past, the progression of how far I’ve come, and the hope for where it will take me in the future! I’ve definitely decided I need to draw more often, and fill up all the blank pages in my large stack of sketch books. So keep an eye out for more sketches!!  

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