Back to the Grind, Welcome 2012!

I’m finally back from my 10 day holiday break, which was good and bad in its own ways. Having time off was a splendid thing indeed, unfortunately my body decided it would be a nice time to get bronchitis. I was forced to stay in bed, rest, and recover. I must say it was some of the laziest I’ve been in the last year, but also really nice. Being away from my computer and having to constantly be thinking about design, work, and life can be quite draining. However, with the holidays I was able to do a few side projects that were in no way work related.
One such project, was a simple cd insert that I made for my brother’s father in law, who apparently is a Morrison fan. Not personally a fan of the classics, I had no idea what kind of music this was and had to do a bit of research into how I ought to represent the cover. After a bit of perusing I was able to find some good reference material. I came up with a simple front page and track listing that matched the laser printing on the cd itself. The design utilized a basic tan//purple gradient and incorporated Morrison’s signature. I was told that the recipient was quite impressed and happy.
I must also say that I’m glad to be functioning again, back to work, with new (exciting) design projects on the horizon. Stay tuned for more postings and updates. Its a new year, and I’m really looking forward to what 2012 holds!

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