Arts, Crafts, and the Free Market in Hongdae

While my husband and I were in Korea we happened upon a Free Market in Hongdae. The Free Market is similiar to swap meets here except that its all artisan, hand crafted goods. I was excited to go and see what kinds of new exciting artworks and crafts are being made by local Koreans.

I was immediately enamored as soon as we arrived. This market had a wider scope crafts and goods than many others I’ve been to. I was excited by the diversity of products and skill that was represented here. Having been to other local art venues or street fairs here in California, I have seen some good art and some really, really awful art. I am glad to say that for the most part, almost everything at the Free Market was really worthwhile! I didn’t have a lot of spending money and I needed to be choosey, so we decided to walk around for awhile to see what each vendor was selling.
 We saw some beautiful cards
 Gorgeous illustrations
 Prints which reminded me of Tommii Lim’s work
Then there were many people drawing or painting portraits.
 There were beautiful leather goods
 Adorable traditional Korean characters
 The cutest little cell phone plugs, (very ghibli esque)
 Gorgeous hair pins…if only my hair were longer!
 Cute hand sewn cubes and hair accessories
 Simplistic, modern crafted ceramic wares
 Hand painted and decorated sneakers
 I wanted all of these little character pins and jewelry
Cases, pins, notebook accessories
But I settled on a dojang, (name stamp), because that is what I wanted the most! (Read more here)
We were able to walk around and see so many different, creative things, along with live music and delicious street food. It was truly an inspirational occasion as it makes me want to participate in local vendoring. If you are ever in South Korea, you should visit Children’s Park for Free Market which is on Saturdays in March through November.

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