Over the last year and a half I’ve had the amazing privilege of being the Art Manager for the indie printing company Black Hill Press. Their unique approach to storytelling through the use of the novella format is paired with one artist per 3 books, creating series of stories by Artist. 

Each series starts with cover suggestions by the authors, with partnership of the Chief Editor and myself, and are narrowed down into 3 single ideas that start like all good projects, as rough thumbnails. 

Those thumbnails are then developed into an almost formalized finished project, that requires minor tweaks and changes along with typographical additions. In the end, there are 3 books by 3 authors that are married to one artist through artistic interpretation. I’ve now worked through 2 entire series featuring the artwork of Benjamin Mills and Davide Bonazzi. As you can see from each of their styles, each has made their series their own, tied together through color and technique. 

This summer we launched another project with partnership of Jukepop to called Summer Writing Project. I worked with artist Jeannie Phan to create the beautiful illustration for our posters/postcard marketing. We wanted something light and playful that integrated traditional writing methods and a hand scripted title font. I feel honored to get to work with such talented illustrators and have definitely met some incredible people along the way, with more to come!Our project was featured by KCET ‘s Artbound. Check it out and “like” or “tweet” your vote for us at:


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