When I moved to Korea, one of my main aspirations was to do more art here as well as exhibit with new artists. Much to my great fortune, I was invited to be a part of the InKas Biennial 2016 Show at Sangmyung University in Seoul.

After having only lived here for less than a month, it was such a short time to create new work, but they were flexible and happy to have me participate in the exhibition which would be a mix of Korean adoptee artists and local influential Korean instructors. So of course I wanted my work to be something meaningful, as part of the art process is to think about what the message is you want to convey. Something that had been playing a big part in my new transition to Seoul was this immense feeling of being overwhelmed. As someone who carries things heavily in their heart and mind, this feeling exhibited itself mentally, spiritually, and physically. However, as art often does, it opened me up and released me of so much of this feeling. My final concept came about with the title Aqueous, meaning something made of water.
Water has this amazing quality, it's the root of life making up 60% of the human anatomy, and covers about 70% of the earth's surface. It is something that we can die without as well as die from too much of. Often when feeling overwhelmed its compared with the sensation of drowning... a really horrific feeling and an awful way to die. However, there is hope, in each of us, that can save us from drowning and instead, turn what threatens us, into life and become the source of our existence. For me this manifested itself in my final piece as a goldfish, inside of my aqueous being. Breathing through the water, and sending out a beacon of hope. This work although similar in style to some of my work, feels very new and fresh to me. It is a more sentimental piece, and something I'm really excited to exhibit here in Seoul. Created in acrylic on canvas, I am very pleased with how the final piece turned out.

Say What?