American Nostalgia Opening Reception

Last night we rolled out to the Muckethaler Cultural Museum to check out the opening for American Nostalgia. It had a strong turnout, with a full parking lot and wide variety of people in attendance. 

There was one main gallery room, one smaller room to the side and 2 more small galleries on either end. I was fortunate to be in the main room on a wall of similar illustration styles. I was really pleased with the eclectic group of works that were presented and had a lot of people come out and support me! 


The best part was seeing peoples homages and reinterpretations to some of Rockwell’s most iconic works.

I did come to find out that my piece was the most inexpensive one there, after browsing the price list, I may have undershot a bit! (*yikes?!) But hey all the better to sell it! Cross your fingers for me!

After seeing the quality of work out in the world, it really inspired me to try and hone my craft. It was a fun show and I hope to be in more like this throughout the year. I am currently working to collaborate and put together a show for this fall.

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