So last year I tried to keep myself busy with #asketchaday, but…as many of you know, wasn’t too successful. Its hard to sneak in some artwork in between designing, working, living, breathing…you know…etc.

This year I decided to try something that I could possibly be more successful at. I found someone’s older site that did some typographical images of song lyrics, and I really liked them, since I am a music fanatic. I figured since I design every day, and listen to music every day, why not put the two together?? Since then, I’ve come across a few others as well, check out some¬† of my favs:
So I started a tumblr, which was also something new for me, since I often visit people’s tumblrs but never actually set one up for myself. So YES, now you can follow me via my hashtag #ALyricADay or by my link typographicalyricism.tumblr.com.
The very first lyric I did was a suggestion by my brother for Flo Rida’s “I Cry”. I’ve made it a point to try and get people involved in my posting by asking for submissions, and I’ve had quite a few fun requests!

Since starting, I’ve had everything from Rap, Indie, Christian, Punk, and K-pop. The great thing about this, is the variety of followers I’ve gotten. Music is such a universal thing that everyone enjoys, tie that with art and design and you’re really on to something! To see the full list of artists and songs go to my tumblr.

I’m happy to say I’m almost 3 months in and haven’t missed a day yet! I’ve had really great response to my pieces from music fans, tumblrs, and typography lovers. Its been a challenge to come up with new layouts, reference materials and lyric selections, but so far, I kinda love them all!
Artwork by Chrystal Chan
If you are a tumblr, please follow me, so that I can follow you back! My most common hashtags are #alyricaday, #typographicalyricsim, #sooogood, #typography, #musiclyrics.

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