ADBA, A Quick Glance at Lasting Design

I’ve been doing freelance for the Art of Dance and Ballet Academy in Placentia, CA for a little over a year. I get a lot of random requests from them, but some are pretty fun! I have designed all their flyers, ads, programs etc, and my longest ongoing project has been to design all their interior artwork. 
The first one here you see is the first thing you see from the outside, the street sign for the studio. There are several different groups within that use this facility, one is for young children and one is for martial arts. Lana Chang who is part owner and whose daughters attend this facility, is also a great artist! She alone, is the one who painted all the following by hand! She did such an amazing job, its truly impressive!
Inside the main hallway is the area where parents can sit and watch their children in the classrooms. When they first purchased this space, this wall was stark white. Because of that, it made the ceilings seem really tall and the hallway extremely narrow. After adding the basic colors and border, it really helped to bring the eye level much lower, and showcasing this really beautiful wall. A unique aspect to this project, is that some of the silhouettes are those of the students/teachers at the studio. I hear there was much excitement from the girls as they can come to class and see themselves on the wall.
Because this studio offers a variety of classes, and not just ballet we created 2 separate schemes for the 2 main rooms within the studio. One is more focused on ballet and the other on jazz/contemporary dance.
The ballet room we did in a duo tone blue pallet. Lana and I worked together to create a very natural, organic sort of feel. I needed to create an image that would extend to 2 walls of the room. She really loved the idea of the plants//trees incorporating the dancers and I think she did an excellent job painting them, (and even got her daughters to help paint the grass!)
The second room was a lot of fun to design, as I have always been a huge fan of musicals. I watched so many as a child, and was enamored with the grace and flair of dance and song. Lana came up with the idea of a city scape and I worked out a scene seemed reminiscent of something you might see on stage on Broadway.
This room is really dynamic with the color panels and the background//foreground behaviors. If you look closely, perhaps you can pick out Gene Kelly in there, one of my all time favorites. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the painting job. Lana was able to capture what I’d designed almost exactly.
Last but not least, is the kid’s room, utilized by the Freckled Frog Learning Center. There they teach dance classes for smaller children, tumbling, music, and host birthday parties and such. For their room it needed to be much more playful and silly. 
I originally came up with an idea that showcased a field with a bunch of animals all playing different instruments and dancing. That got vetoed out for whatever reason lol. In the end the final image got simplified to just their frog from the logo and one dog….not exactly how I’d pictured it, but a great job by Lana nonetheless, who finished it in just 2 days! 
 In the end I think it all came together nicely and the studio is seeing a lot of business and putting on award winning classes. I’m glad I’ve been able to be a part of it and able to see the end result!! 
Oh and I finally got my t-shirt from the Emergence Show that I designed. Sometimes, I guess its the little things that count!^_^

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